FTK25: Direct Dive 4-Needle, 6-Thread Flatbed Flat-Seamer Machine
Application CodeĄG
01: One side cut (right side cut) with top coverstitch
03: One side cut (right side cut) without top coverstitch for attaching binging tape on joint seam.
03A: Two sides cut without top coverstitch equipped with wide knife for attaching binging tape on joint seam.
12: Two side cut with cover stitch suitable for medium to heavy materials.
Subclass Model:
Modified Partially Due To Special Requirements
Number Of Needle :
Needle Distance ĄG


Materials Weight ĄG
M :Medium to light weight material with standard knife
Optional DevicesĄG
KI006 Suction Type Chain Cutter
AL03F Pneumatic Presser Foot Lifter ( For A/C Servo Motor Usage )
TCS34 Pneumatic Type Tape Cutting System (For Flat Bed Interlock Machines)
CV20A Suction Type Lint Collector
CV20B Suction Type Lint Collector