CXM2000 High speed mechatronics direct drive type Cylinder Bed Interlock Machine
1. Max.high speed up to 6000 S.P.M.  
2. Convenient oil window design, easy to check oil amount.  
3. Changeable looper thread take up cam, not only can provide easy threading but also able to prevent looper thread winding from happening.  
4. Brand new thread guide design, able to adjust the sewing stitches much easier and more beautiful  
5. New thread guide design, able to adjust the size of thread loops in order to accommodate the different sewing requirements.  
6. New design of feed control driving system able to micro-adjust the stitch length, even adjust it during the sewing operation.  
7. Short cylinder bed design, able to perform better sewing ability and also able to add different side covers in order to accommodate different sewing requirements.  
8. Operation panel and control box are combined perfectly together with machine head, make installation and operation much easier.